Deltapath End-of-Sale and End-of-Life Products

End of Life Policy

Deltapath is continually striving to bring new solutions and features to market that help our customers address their most pressing business needs and maximize their business results. Associated with the continuing life cycle of product innovation, we will on occasion discontinue the sale of certain products and provision of services related to those products (“End of Life”). To assist our customers in transitioning from legacy products to newer technology and next generation solutions.

Highlights of Deltapath’s End of Life Policy are as follows: End of Sale Notice. We will generally provide 60 days to 6 months lead-time notification for the last time buy of a product (“End of Sale”).

  1. The 60 day lead time can be expected for products when Deltapath determines there is a sufficiently similar product replacement available.
  2. Up to 6 months lead time can be expected for products where Deltapath determines customers may need a longer period of time to test and implement replacement products.

1. Active Service Customers

For customers covered by an active services agreement, for each End of Life product and up to the time periods set forth below, DELTAPATH PROFESSIONAL SERVICES TEAM will provide the following per the terms of the active agreement:

  1. Technical support for both hardware and software issues will be available for up to 5 years from the End of Sale;
  2. Spares or replacement parts for hardware will be available for up to 5 years from the End of Sale;

1.1 Additional Terms and Conditions

  1. Unless noted otherwise, support is only available to customers with an active services agreement.
  2. For information on Deltapath support policy for Active (General Availability) products, refer to Deltapath Maintenance Programs and your maintenance entitlement certificate.
  3. Deltapath will offer up to 5 years of Technical Support and 5 years of Hardware Repair/ Replace Service (subject to inventory availability).
  4. Deltapath will attempt to provide critical security-related fixes throughout the EOL support Phase. This may not be possible in some cases, and Deltapath in its sole discretion will determine what fixes, if any, are provided. Customers may need to upgrade to a newer release.
The terms set forth in this End of Life Policy may also be modified by the specific terms and conditions contained in any applicable warranty, End of Life notification, or other binding agreements between the parties specifically related to the subject matter herein.

2. Changes to Deltapath's End of Life Policy

Although every effort will be made to support End of Life products in accordance with our End of Life Policy, Deltapath reserves the right to change its Policy as it deems appropriate. Deltapath will announce any changes to the End of Life Policy through the Deltapath Support Portal.

2.X Feb-2012 End of Support Feb-2017
3.0 Aug-2012 End of Support Aug-2017
3.1 Apr-2013 End of Support Apr-2018
3.2 Jun-2015 End of Support Jun-2020
3.3.0 Mar-2016 End of Support Mar-2021
3.3.1 Aug-2016 End of Support Aug-2021
3.3.2 Sep-2016 End of Support Aug-2021
3.3.3 Nov-2017 End of Support Aug-2021
4.0 Nov-2016 End of Support Nov-2021
4.0.1 Feb-2017 End of Support Nov-2021
4.1.1 Jun-2017 End of Support Jun-2022
4.2 Aug-2017 End of Support Aug-2022
4.2.1 Sep-2017 End of Support Aug-2022
4.2.2 Nov-2017 End of Support Aug-2022
4.3 Mar-2018 End of Support Mar-2023
4.3.1 May-2018 End of Support Mar-2023
4.4 Nov-2018 End of Support Nov-2023
4.4.1 Dec-2018 End of Support Nov-2023
5.0 Jun-2019 Support Active Jun-2024
5.1 Feb-2020 Support Active Feb-2025
5.1.1 Jun-2020 Support Active Feb-2025
5.1.2 Aug-2021 Support Active Feb-2025
5.1.3 Dec-2021 Support Active Feb-2025
5.1.4 Feb-2022 Support Active Feb-2025
5.1.5 Oct-2023 Support Active Oct-2027
5.2 Sep-2022 Support Active Sep-2026
5.2.1 Oct-2022 Support Active Oct-2026

S256 Sep-2009 End of Life Jan-2011 Jan-2016
S256-HA Sep-2009 End of Life Jan-2011 Jan-2016
S512-HA Sep-2009 End of Life Jan-2011 Jan-2016
T256/512 (HDD) Gen 1 May-2010 End of Life Dec-2010 Dec-2015
T256/512 (HDD) Gen 2 Jan-2011 End of Life Jul-2013 Jul-2018
T256/512 SSD Gen 1 Aug-2013 End of Life Mar-2014 Mar-2019
T256/512 SSD Gen 2 Apr-2014 End of Life Jun-2016 Jun-2021
T32 SSD Gen 1 Feb-2015 End of Life Aug-2018 Aug-2023
APS R430 Jun-2016 End of Life Dec-2018 Dec-2023
T256/512 SSD Gen 3 Jul-2017 End of Sale Dec-2019 Dec-2024
T32 SSD Gen 2 Aug-2018 End of Sale Jun-2020 Jun-2025
APS R440 Jan-2019 Active NA NA
Trace Jan-2019 Active NA NA
U256 Jan-2020 Active NA NA
U512 Jan-2020 Active NA NA
U32 Jul-2020 Active NA NA


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