Free Upgrade Offer: Cisco Unified Communications Manager

Products are part of a lifecycle and await the day they are either labeled end-of-life or targeted for an upgrade. Your endpoints and CUCM are not immune to this reality.

The typical recommendation for products at the end of their lifecycle is to rip and replace them. Ripping out and replacing endpoints can be costly and unaffordable for many companies, especially if many of your endpoints are end of life. Upgrading your CUCM can also be expensive, but on the flipside, doing nothing can put your system and business at considerable risk. Maintenance and reliability risks coupled with no security fixes or critical bug resolution can spell disaster for a company. Similarly, new endpoints may not be backwards compatible so they will not work with your current CUCM version and applications may not be compatible with your version.

Questions to Consider

1. If your endpoints are operating without any issues and are meeting your business needs, do you want to dispose of them?

2. If the latest CUCM upgrade falls short of what other systems are offering for the same price, would you settle?

Explore a Different Road

Deltapath differentiates itself from other UC companies by making your business investments work longer because that’s what your company deserves. We support end of life models up to the latest endpoints.

For example, when you upgrade to Cisco Unified Communications Manager, release 14, you will not be able to use the following phone models:

EOL Cisco Phone Models With Release 14


With release 14, you will also not be able to use any of the EOL phone models announced in Release 12.0(x) and Release 11.5(x).

ReleaseEOL Cisco Phone Models
11.5(x)12 S
11.5(x)12 SP
11.5(x)12 SP+
11.5(x)30 SP+
11.5(x)30 VIP
11.5(x)7910G +SW

Deltapath supports over 50% of the Cisco phone models that are end of life in releases 14, 12.0x, and 11.5x. In addition, the nucleus of Deltapath’s UC platform is interoperability. That means our unified communication platform allows different brands of endpoints such as Cisco, Avaya, and other brands to coexist and work with each other seamlessly.

Super Charge Your Solutions with Dolby Voice

Deltapath is the first UC company to partner with Dolby, a company who has been impacting the world with its audio solutions for years. Dolby Voice is integrated in our end-to-end solution from our desktop to our mobile app. Your customers can experience stunning audio quality on their calls as background noise is suppressed and each person on the call is heard from a distinct virtual location to ensure no ones’ voice overlaps in a conference call. In addition, Dolby Voice comes with full room pickup so everyone who speaks is heard.

Deltapath Mobile App

Deltapath’s mobile app not only comes equipped with Dolby Voice.

Send text messages, videos, and images

Forward calls

Pickup calls for your colleagues while they are away

Enjoy audio calls or turn on video for a more interactive conversation

Invite and initiate an audio conference call and control the participation level of each person on the call right from your app

When someone calls your work extension, all your smart devices ring to ensure you never miss a call again.

Value Added Services

The Deltapath’s UC platform comes with many add-on services to complement your core services and help you improve the benefits you offer customers and employees. Here are some of our popular value-added services:

Cinch, Deltapath’s inbound contact center allows agents to fulfill a variety of services and improve customer satisfaction.

Proactive Engagement, Deltapath’s outbound contact center allow agents to work on one or multiple campaigns that play a key role in lead generation, sales, subscriptions, feedback surveys, debt collection and more.

Push-to-Talk is an additional communication channel that offers instant connectivity to one person or a group of people. integration allows companies to create more engaging customer and employee experiences that can give you an advantage over competitors.

Service Provider grade Call Billing allows you to optimize revenue and manage your telephone services.

Serviced Office provides robust tools designed to help companies manage their serviced offices.

Learn About the CUCM Free Upgrade Program

It’s like getting a brand-new house for free and only being responsible for Property Tax and the Property Management Fee

Our CUCM Free Upgrade Program is designed to save you money and take you a leap forward into the future.

For the same cost of what you pay for your annual Cisco maintenance contract, Deltapath will upgrade your Cisco Unified Communications System to its Deltapath Unified Communications Platform with Dolby Voice.

How the Program is Delivered:

Deployment Options

Based on your annual Cisco maintenance bill, you will receive either a virtual edition software license or a hybrid private cloud model to support your business.

You can deploy Deltapath UC on a virtualized server. Deltapath supports VMWare ESXi, Microsoft Hyper-V, and Linux KVM.

You can also choose to receive Deltapath appliances if your annual Cisco maintenance fee is above $7000 USD.

Start the conversation today to see how you can save money. Share some information and we’ll be in touch.