Deltapath® CinchTM Contact Center

Designed to handle customer initiated calls,
proactive contact center initiated calls, or both.

In the quest to improve productivity and increase revenue, companies all across the world are turning to contact centers to fulfill a variety of services. Hard on the heels of this quest is customer experience, which is quickly becoming the main source of competitive differentiation.
At Deltapath, we are ready to help you compete. We believe customer service means closing the gap by turning customer challenges into solutions. 

Compete on the Customer Experience Battlefield.
We Make It A Cinch.

Virtual Workforce

As virtual workforce flourish, the ability for supervisors to monitor performance and provide regular coaching has become increasingly challenging. Cinch Contact Center’s Whisper-In feature allows real-time interaction between agents and supervisors irrespective of geography; while agents can gain new skills and experience in real-time; and customers can experience superior customer service.

Proactive Engagement

Increase sales, revenue, and customer retention by proactively reaching out to customers in courtesy calls and promotion campaigns. Cinch Contact Center makes it easy for you to kick off a campaign and start seeking results.

Personal Service

Customer advocacy is vital because it provides companies with a way to leverage their own customers to build awareness and drive revenue. Building loyal customers and creating ambassadors isn’t just about offering great products, it’s also about making customers feel like they are receiving great personal service.

Deltapath enables you to integrate your business applications so agents can exceed customers’ expectations. Agents gain access to their customers’ history on their computer screens the minute their phone rings. Agents can now greet their customers by name. Customers never have to repeat their contact number, account number, or even the details of their open cases again when they call to your contact center. Business opportunities are even communicated so it isn’t left up to agents to recognize the opportunity. Lastly, being able to add small personal touches to your conversation outside of the immediate discussion, will not only help you build a relationship with your customers, but also help you build advocates for your business.

Wall Board Display

Help your employees become engaged team players by keeping them connected. Cinch Contact Center equips agents and supervisors with a Wall Board display directly on their computer screen. The delivery of critical call center key performance indicators and operational metrics in real-time, help agents and supervisors stay connected so they can proactively make decisions to positively impact their own performance and customer experience.

Quality Assurance

Quality monitoring is important in every contact center because it allows you to gain critical information about your customers, agents, and your business as a whole so you can make sound business decisions. With the Listen-In feature, supervisors can monitor agents’ calls without being heard by the agent or caller. Regular use of this tool can help contact centers create quality coaching programs for agents, uncover trends, and ensure customer service goals are being met.

Recording calls is also a vital component of all contact centers. In fact, recording calls has so many significant benefits and purposes, it’s hard to keep it in the background. Monitor call recordings to meet your service quality goals by rating customer satisfaction. Sample agents’ calls to create quality coaching programs that focus on communication styles and product knowledge. Enhance training sessions through the use of real life situations. Lastly, manage compliance and corporate liability.

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