Deltapath: Driving Cost Savings for CUCM and Avaya Aura Users

Budget overruns, reduced profit margins, deferred growth investments—these are only a few signs of your Cisco or Avaya system taking a toll on your finances. Don’t let these mounting expenses dictate your financial health.

Traditional communications platforms like CUCM and Avaya Aura require substantial initial investments in hardware, software licenses, and implementation services. Not to mention the cost of IT staff such as administrators and maintenance costs that quickly add up over time. 

Deltapath’s advanced suite of UC platforms and collaboration tools offers a cost-effective alternative. Featuring transparent pricing and flexible deployment options, businesses can now achieve effective communications at a lower total cost of ownership.

Good news:

Deltapath’s UC platform puts your bottom line first.


Cost Saving

Not All UC Companies Measure Up: How Deltapath Outperforms CUCM and Avaya Aura

Deltapath’s primary distinguishing feature lies in its ability to leverage existing infrastructure and investments. We refrain from imposing burdensome third-party endpoint licensing requirements or restricting functionality. Communication and collaboration across teams or with external partners remain as frictionless as ever.

Cost savings from day one

Deltapath eliminates hefty upfront investments and ongoing maintenance costs with our cloud-based phone system. Your total cost of ownership (TCO) with Deltapath is likely to be below the maintenance cost of Cisco and Avaya.

Our subscription-based communication solution ensures a stable and manageable TCO. The vendor you choose matters—and here’s what Deltapath delivers.

  • Training. While Cisco and Avaya will require highly-skilled IT workers to manage and maintain their platform; Deltapath helps you save that headcount. Our platform is designed for the average non-technical user to fully manage their communication system from a web browser with just a few clicks, lowering your overall TCO.
  • Maintenance. With Deltapath’s cloud-based setup, you won’t have to manage and maintain on-premises hardware. Our in-house experts handle all cloud hosting, updates, and maintenance tasks. We also address potential issues before they escalate to prevent downtime and keep your business running 24/7.
  • Protect Your Investment. Deltapath doesn’t lock you into proprietary endpoints or force unnecessary upgrades. Bring all your existing enterprise communication tools (e.g., Cisco IP Phones, Avaya IP Phones, Mitel IP Phones, Polycom video conferencing systems, just to name a few). Enjoy long-term cost predictability as your business scales up without hidden fees to throw off your plans.

Work from Anywhere without Additional Cost

Avaya charges a number of licenses to give communication mobility to its users. For example, with Avaya Equinox, you will typically need

  • The EC500 feature license to simultaneously ring your desk and mobile app
  • The Mobile SIP license to support Voice over IP
  • Session Border Controller license to support mobile devices (remote worker feature)
  • Communication Manager license to support point-to-point video calling.

With the growing trend of work from anywhere, organizations need to have the right mobility tools that enable their workforce to be connected as if they are at their office desk. Deltapath’s mobility applications are designed to simplify deployment without additional licensing cost. Administrators will enjoy the easy rollout of Deltapath Mobile by just having users scanning their unique QR code to setup the app automatically. CFO will appreciate that all Deltapath standard user license grants unlimited mobility clients for free. This means users can enjoy a comprehensive communication experience with a desk phone, a mobile app on devices like iPads or iPhones, and, not to be overlooked, Deltapath Engage—a softphone available on their laptops—all at no cost.

Everything you need is centralized to streamline your workflows and maximize employee engagement. Pull an active call from your mobile to your desk, exchange SMS with your customers, discuss confidential matters over internal group chats, automatically log all your calls into, and automatically display all support tickets on Zendesk when a customer calls.

Future-proofing your business

Avaya recently filed for bankruptcy to restructure its debt and address financial challenges. Meanwhile, Cisco’s sale of Perpetual Licensing for Unified Communications Licensing and Cisco SmartNet support contracts has ended. These challenges could lead to ongoing project disruptions, service delays, or tech assistance unavailability for current users.

Deltapath understands how costly and frustrating all these can get and thus offers the following solutions:

  • For Avaya users. Deltapath’s Avaya Aura Replacement Plan supports interoperability, allowing different brand endpoints to work together. That means a smooth transition for your business without the need for endpoint replacement.
  • For Cisco users. Deltapath supports and upgrades deprecated Cisco models to its Unified Communications platform. Check our supported Cisco endpoints here.

Invest in an enterprise communications solution bundled with value-added services—all at a minimal total cost of ownership. From mobile app integration to virtual phone numbers and noise cancellation gateways, our platform empowers top-notch unified communication and collaboration from anywhere. Make the switch to Deltapath today.


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