TalkCMO: Why Growing Businesses Need UC to Scale Efficiently in 2020

“The way that we communicate has evolved in recent years. But it is still true that to thrive in any marketplace; you need technology that allows you to engage with your customers, connect with colleagues, and even reach distant contractors and suppliers,” says David Liu, Founder, and CEO of Deltapath.

The rise of various new modes of communication has transformed UC from a convenient option for businesses to an absolute essential for any brand. Most companies are facing a dilemma; employees use different consumer communication apps to transmit business data. Not only can confidential data land in the wrong hands, but the information is scattered across systems, applications, networks, which often gets lost in transmission especially if the recipient does not monitor a particular app for incoming messages or calls. In a world where 69% of workers waste up to 60 minutes each day navigating between apps, UC offers a convenient way to streamline the way your team members connect and engage both internally and externally.

While unified communication platforms simplify your communication stack, they also allow your employees to centralize communications into a single app, whether it is a business call, a conference, an instant message, push-to-talk, or even an emergency alert. Employees only need to access one application. Equally important, it is easier for companies to secure all business data being transmitted. As the enterprise landscape evolves and the workplace changes with it, a UC strategy will give you the power to flex when you need to.

Cutting Back on Communication Costs and Simplifying Strategies

Consolidating numerous communication tools into a single package reduces the number of bills and providers that you need to work with. A UC strategy also ensures that you can more accurately predict how much you’re going to spend each month. Businesses on the cloud can save even more cash by reducing dependency on on-premise hardware. Here, the ToC gets reduced with fewer pieces of equipment to manage, less downtime, and reduced maintenance costs. In the current environment of rapid transformations, UC instills more control resulting in an aligned and cohesive strategy for growth. It integrates video, voice and other modes of communication seamlessly into a company’s communication infrastructure.

Upgrade Customer Service and Security

Customer experience is now more valuable than product features or pricing when it comes to reaching your target audience. In an increasingly competitive marketplace, UC allows growing businesses to stand out through exceptional connections with customers. Integrating business applications such as CRM and ERP so employees are all on the same page when a customer calls, allows your employees. to provide a white-glove service. Just imagine the power you give to your employees by having a customer’s name, birth date, case number, and other details available when they pick up the phone. Communication is immediately taken to a new level when you can greet a customer by name or wish them a happy birthday because you have immediate access to important data.

Additionally, many UC vendors also offer things like frequent backups and disaster management solutions to keep you protected if the worst should happen. While no business can afford to be the victim of a cyber-attack or fraud, the right UC platform can help ensure companies have proper security in place. It can also help by encrypting all communication channels with industry-standard technology such as SSL, SIP TLS, and STRP.

Customers Demand A Hyper-personalised Experience – Do Businesses Follow It?

While it’s easy for companies to say that UC is useful because it “saves money,” the truth is that there are so many more advantages of UC than cost savings alone. While it’s true that combining communication strategies lead to a lower TCO (Total Cost of Ownership), Unified Communication also gives growing enterprises a strategy to provide better customer experience and therefore grow their revenue and improve their bottom line.

With UC, you can improve workplace productivity, deliver a better quality of service to your customers, and increase your security strategy, and much more. Unified Communications is about relaying the right data to the right person at the right time. An integrated chain of communication allows employees to work smarter by saving time on tedious tasks such as copy and pasting and looking up information in multiple systems. Whether you’re a small business just getting started, or a large company amid growth, Unified Communications offers advantages that you just can’t ignore.

TalkCMO: Deltapath’s Noise Cancellation Gateway Helps Businesses Improve Communication and Collaboration Over Phone Calls and Fuels Artificial Intelligence

Deltapath, a Unified Communications company, specializing in revolutionizing the way organizations and people communicate, announced their Deltapath Noise Cancellation Gateway is set to release in the first quarter of 2020. The Noise Cancellation Gateway leverages Dolby’s renowned audio expertise and technology. It filters nonhuman voices and focuses on improving two major areas garnering a lot of attention: voice calls and artificial intelligence.

Voice calls remain a popular mode of communication, but the new work-from-anywhere trend is increasing the number of voice calls initiated outdoors in noisy conditions. With the Deltapath Noise Cancellation Gateway, callers and call recipients experience crystal-clear audio, even in the noisiest situations encountered over the phone.

Customer experience is evolving with the rise in AI and ML usage

More companies are turning to artificial intelligence to help them improve customer experience or make digital assistants indispensable. The Deltapath Noise Cancellation Gateway can positively impact a company’s AI engine’s accuracy rate, whether your AI engine is analyzing voice input, interpreting voice commands, transcribing audio into meaningful text, or interpreting peoples’ emotions through their tone of voice.

Deltapath’s newest product is available to every UC platform and every industry. Consumers are not limited to using the Deltapath UC Platform to enjoy it.

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David Liu, CEO, and Founder of Deltapath stated, “Background noise is an age-old problem that has been polluting conversations and data for years. Deltapath decided to introduce a noise cancellation gateway because there is a huge need for technology to tackle background noise more than ever before. More and more employees are working and attending meetings outside the office. While we can all control background noise in our office, it is impossible to do so outdoors. Deltapath wants employees and customers to all have positive, fulfilling experiences whenever they are on a phone call no matter where they are. Equally important, more companies are using artificial intelligence to drive business outcomes. Companies such as those using speech recognition for their IVR systems and voice assistant devices can all get more from our gateway, which can filter the noise that regularly gets recorded with any voice input, making analysis and interpretation of the data extremely difficult.”

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“As the biggest contact center supplier and value-added reseller for Genesys in Great China, eSoon recognized the importance of the Cancellation Gateway for our customers who not only operate large scale contact centers but utilize some form of voice AI technology. The gateway will serve to enhance the accuracy of voice recognition for these companies. Most importantly, the Deltapath Noise Cancellation Gateway helps increase productivity and enhance the customer experience.”