Thrive Global: 3 Ways To Make Your Virtual Holiday More Meaningful

This has been the year that has changed the way we live forever and in true 2020 fashion, it continues to create challenges and unknown circumstances as we enter the holiday season.  As a collective, we have all learned how to do most in-person activities remotely. Having done this for the last eight months, we […]

Thrive Global: How Remote Collaboration Can Ignite Meaningful Communication

In a time of uncertainty, stress, and fear of what the future might look like, we lean on each other for support and compassion. But what does that look like in the workforce, and specifically, the rapidly expanding remote workforce? Companies all over have made efforts to transition, some even permanently, to remote work in […]

Thrive Global: Humanity’s Future and Mobile Technology.

Mobile Technology is Shaping Humanity’s Future: Human beings have come a long way over the centuries. Throughout time, we’ve always looked for the most convenient and reliable way to communicate – whether it was through drums and horns, smoke signals, letters, or even in-person conversation. The rise of the digital world has given way to […]


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