Deltapath Announces Deltapath for Salesforce CTI Integration on Salesforce AppExchange

Deltapath announced it has launched Deltapath for Salesforce CTI Integration on Salesforce AppExchange, empowering customers with a 360 degree view of the caller. The app allows agents to manage calls with hold/transfer/conference, and log call details directly in Salesforce. The Deltapath for Salesforce CTI Integration improves customer service and experience by integrating users’ mobile phones, desk phones, and softphones with the Salesforce Lightning Platform to minimize switching between apps.

A study conducted by Qatalog and Cornell University found that a typical worker spends an average of 36 minutes a day switching back and forth between applications while taking an additional 10 minutes on average to get back into a good workflow once they’ve switched between apps causing a serious drag in productivity as well as inducing fatigue. Deltapath for Salesforce CTI Integration: Call handling features such as answer, hold, and transfer are accessible on users’ screens within Salesforce. Users also achieve greater efficiency with the click-to-dial right from a Salesforce contact.

With each incoming call, customer data is available on the user’s Salesforce dashboard. This creates meaningful conversations to begin right when the phone is answered. During a call, users are provided with the entire customer journey, including: Customer’s name and other personal information; Open cases; Opportunities for cross-selling or upselling; Historical notes; Call logs.


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