La Presse: Improved Communication with Deltapath

Video conferencing is fast becoming the standard for companies today, but let’s not put audio on the back-burner yet. After all, without pristine audio, communication is non-existent and meetings become unproductive even in video calls.

Deltapath announced an agreement with Dolby Laboratories this past January to offer an end-to-end unified communications solution that fully incorporates Dolby Voice. This integration will allow Deltapath to extend the reach of Dolby Voice from a conference bridge to mobile teams and inter-office teams for a superior audio experience. Dolby Voice uses advanced Dolby engineering in an intuitive design to deliver stunning audio. It is a true breakthrough in conferencing that delivers a dramatically better experience through easy-to- use technology and intelligently flexes to rooms and participants to give everyone an amazingly natural and productive meeting experience.

Recently, Deltapath arranged a call with Karim Benessaieh of La Presse to demonstrate the revolutionary experience of using Deltapath Mobile with Dolby Voice and the Dolby Conference Phone. During the call, there were Deltapath team members in a conference room using the Dolby Conference Phone and a remote teammate outside surrounded by traffic and construction noise. Karim, who was also using Deltapath Mobile with Dolby Voice, was on the other end experiencing pristine audio clarity, superior noise cancelation, and voice separation for a truly enhanced and productive meeting. There was no voice overlap, everyone within the conference room could be heard no matter their voice level, and the remote teammate sounded as though he was in the office as opposed to a noisy street.

“Conference calls are often a nightmare for listeners, who struggle to distinguish their interlocutors and hear all the background noise. A small American company, Deltapath, revolutionized this experience with its software and the Dolby Conference Phone. We tested the installation with its experts. During a conversation where our interlocutor was outside, the background noise of the city could be completely eliminated. We have clearly distinguished, in stereo, the voices of two people speaking at the same time, each occupying a distinct and richer sound space thanks to Dolby. Impressive.” – Karim Benessaieh, La Presse

Deltapath Mobile with Dolby Voice ensures workers on the go experience stress-free conversations by virtually eliminating background noise, productive meetings where everyone can hear what each person is saying, and stunning audio quality so every conversation is enjoyable.


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