LEAD Co., Ltd. Receives the Innovation Award at Medtec 2018

We are thrilled to announce that our partner LEAD Co., Ltd. has received an Innovation Award while attending Medtec 2018. Find out how their system integrates with Deltapath’s Acute by watching our interview video or reading the Q&A below.

*LA-cPro Alert Management, Panic Value Notification System is developed by Lead Co., Ltd, based on co-project by Gunma University Hospital, Lead Co., Ltd,, and Deltapath Inc.

Deltapath Inc. (D): Congratulations on the receiving the 2018 Medtec Innovation Award! What are your thoughts in receiving this award?

LEAD Co., Ltd. (L): Thank you very much, we are honored to have received this award. We will continue to develop the system further, and will strive to obtain 1st prize.

D: What system did LEAD showcase for this event?

L: The La-cPro Alert Management System is a notification system that notifies doctors of any abnormal values that were detected from the patient’s test results that were generated from the examination department system.

D: What influenced LEAD to develop the La-cPro Alert Management System?

L: I visited the data inspection department at Gunma University Hospital. Currently, when an alert occurs, a notification gets sent to the department system. Sometimes an inspection technician does not catch an alert, therefore our thought is that by using smartphones that are already distributed to the staff at Gunma University, the staff can now also receive the alert notification.

D: What were some of the challenges in developing this system?

L: There are three systems that are dependent on each other, the inspection division system, the judgement system, and the notification system. The most difficult part was to develop the interface to integrate them as one system.

D: How does Deltapath’s Acute tie in with LEAD’s system?

L: The notification aspect is key to the success of our system. In the prototype, I used the free PBX. With it we were able to ring the phone but it was too difficult to display the test results on the web for the phone that rang. By using Deltapath’s Acute, it is now possible to display the inspection results on the web simultaneously with the notification.

D: What other fields are you considering to develop in the future?

L: Currently, the notification is limited to showing general results or bacteria results. In the future we would like to integrate and aggregate other various examination interfaces into the alert system.

D: Who are the target customers?

L: Hospitals which have already deployed smartphones to their staff, and healthcare institutions that have transitioned from PHS to smartphones.

D: What are the main benefits to deploying this system?

L: We believe that the system makes it possible to notify the doctors quickly and accurately of the panic value notification, thereby making a huge contribution to medical safety.

D: In what other industries can this system be used?

L: We see business opportunities in other fields such as manufacturing sites where production control is carried out.


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