Deltapath Announces Offering of Dolby Voice Integrated Solution in the Japanese Market

San Jose, California – June 24, 2019: Deltapath, a Unified Communications company well on its way to becoming a leader in its industry, today announced an agreement with Dolby Laboratories to offer an end-to-end unified communications solution that fully incorporates Dolby Voice. This integration will allow Deltapath to extend the reach of Dolby Voice from a conference bridge to mobile teams and inter-office teams for a superior audio experience. Dolby Voice uses advanced Dolby engineering in an intuitive design to deliver stunning audio. It is a true breakthrough in conferencing that delivers a dramatically better experience through easy-to- use technology and intelligently flexes to rooms and participants to give everyone an amazingly natural and productive meeting experience. Deltapath Japan will start offering the UC solution in the Japanese market from June. More details and solution demo will be provided at Deltapath Asia Tour, 2019, Tokyo.

“A decade ago, Deltapath was one of the first in the industry to bring HD voice and video to everyday business communications,” stated David Liu, Deltapath’s Founder & Chief Executive Officer. “We have taken another big step forward to fill the gaps that are crippling communication and collaboration such as the inability to exchange information with customers from a noisy street, hear a person speaking from the back of a room when on speaker, and navigate conversations when voices overlap. Working with Dolby helps us deliver an exceptional experience in all of these scenarios by incorporating Dolby Voice and integrating the Dolby® Conference Phone. Our new product line solves the longstanding communication and collaboration problems and answers the new demands of the ever-changing and increasingly mobile workplace.”

“We are very excited to have Deltapath onboard as our first partner in the UC industry,” said Patrick Ferriter, Vice President of Business Development, Communications Business Group, Dolby Laboratories. “This relationship extends the coverage of Dolby Voice beyond audio conferencing. Organizations can now experience the benefits of Dolby Voice on every phone call using Deltapath.” With the proliferation of virtual workplaces, satellite offices, telecommuters, and mobile workers sweeping across the world, not all conversations take place in a room with the door closed anymore. In fact, work as the world knows it is no longer about an office but something a person does anywhere. Airports, train terminals, and even a sidewalk can become a temporary workplace. Recognizing this, Deltapath Mobile, Deltapath’s mobile client, comes fully integrated with Dolby Voice so background noise will no longer highjack phone conversations. Dolby Voice also projects every speaker’s voice from a distinct location so if multiple conversations start at the same time, they never become intertwined or muffled. In addition, conference hosts can also take charge of audio conferences by inviting and managing participants right from Deltapath Mobile. The combination of Deltapath and Dolby’s technologies will allow users to experience superior audio calls leading to higher productivity.

Furthermore, Yukihiro Osawa, President and Representative Director of Dolby Japan K.K., said that: “We are very pleased that Deltapath, a leader in unified communications, has adopted Dolby Voice. Dolby Voice’s collaboration with Deltapath technology and wide variety of use cases provide ultimate tele-conference experience in any business communication scene in the enterprises. And we look forward to working together with Deltapath to deliver solutions for stress-free, productive business communication. ”

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