Deltapath® with Dolby Voice®

A New Era of Communication is Here

Rather than settle for “good enough,” Deltapath decided to innovate. After years of research, Deltapath has introduced a new line of products that transforms and revolutionizes communication, confronts longstanding collaboration issues, and answers the new demands of the ever-changing workplace.

Experience Amazing

Dolby, a company recognized around the world for its innovative audio, has partnered with Deltapath to bring you a line of Deltapath products powered by Dolby Voice. These products provide users with nothing short of a virtual audio crew to deliver studio quality audio and an unrivalled collaboration experience.

Unleash the Potential of Your Workforce

Communication affects absolutely every aspect of our lives, that’s why Deltapath has developed an ecosystem that allow different communication modalities to work together so companies have choices. Companies with different brands of equipment that never communicated with each other before and also escalated fragmentation of the workforce now play nice together. At Deltapath, companies never have to settle with one brand that may not serve all their device needs. Equally important, companies are never forced to purchase a new line of devices in an effort to keep their workforce connected.

Hear and Be Heard

Audio and video conferences are already powerful instruments of business communication that simplify collaboration, connect people across multiple offices in different geographical locations, and facilitate the live exchange of mass information. However, through Deltapath’s integration with Dolby Voice, audio and video conferences ascend to a whole new level.

Companies can now achieve maximum productivity with minimum wasted effort and time with a solution that is built to adapt so each participant’s voice is always crystal clear and picked up from anywhere in a conference room. Our virtual audio crew supervises and adapts to everything you do to ensure every communication experience is a success.

Meetings will never be undermined by endless disruptions again! Having Dolby Voice to power your phone calls is like having a virtual sound crew surrounding you. Meeting participants will never have to change seats to get closer to a conference device to be heard. No one will ever have to echo what was just said in the back of a meeting room and everyone’s voice can be successfully picked up and relayed to the other end of the line.

Experience Dolby Voice Anywhere with Deltapath’s Mobile App

Drive and accelerate results, improve professional productivity, and strengthen work relationships with Deltapath Mobile today.

Communication and collaboration with Deltapath’s mobile client, Deltapath Mobile, is fast, secure, and flexible. Deltapath Mobile allows users to adapt to every situation anywhere and at any time while maintaining high fidelity and providing the audio quality of the future, today. Deltapath Mobile is also powered by Dolby Voice, which means you don’t have to be in an office using a fixed device to enjoy great communication and collaboration. Your virtual audio crew goes where you go.

Deltapath Mobile is an extension of an employee’s desk phone. Deltapath Mobile rings when an employee’s desk phone rings. Eliminate missed calls when employees are away from their desks and bolster customer satisfaction and customer relationship.

Call others and engage in a collaborative conversation or extend communication with video calls.

Text message someone or a group of people to preserve confidentiality and privacy. Facilitate your text conversation by attaching pictures and other files.

Add a pickup key to Deltapath Mobile if you belong to a Call/Pickup Group and are asked to answer calls for a specific extension.

Host an Audio Conference on
Deltapath Mobile

Initiate an audio conference anywhere with
Deltapath's Meet Me Now Conference.

• Invite participants right from the app.
• Select each attendees’ participation level by controlling whether or not an attendee can listen and talk, only listen, or only talk during the meeting. Administrative privileges can also be granted to a meeting participant.

A Pocket Size Conference Device

Every Voice and Idea Must Be Heard
No Matter Where You Are

Have you ever been in a room with your team, buried in deep discussion, only to realize you needed to get another person involved in your discussion by phone? But what if the room you are in doesn’t have a conference device?

You can easily transform your Deltapath Mobile into a pocket audio conference device when the caller or call recipient is also using Deltapath Mobile or the Dolby Conference Phone. Just initiate or answer a call, and place your device on speaker mode.