WebRTC Video Customer Service

Enjoy the convenience of face-to-face communication over standards-based web browsers.
A Simplified and Secure Way to interact with your customers directly from your website.

Traditionally, your customers can only interact with your agents via telephone. Until recently, instant messaging (live chat) have been a popular tool on companies’ website. However, a picture paints a thousand words. Instant messaging may not be the most effective tool to engage in sales, support, or customer service. By adapting Deltapath’s WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communications) Video Customer Service, you will streamline your customers’ web experience with your company.

Generate Revenue
Your contact center is not only for handling complaints and serving existing customers. In fact, it is a revenue generating center, allowing your inside sales organization to connect directly with your prospective customers with a mouse click whenever they have an interest on your products or services.

Opportunities for Up-sell
Instead of being mistaken as telemarketers, it is always easier to sell products and services to a customer when they call you. With Deltapath’s WebRTC Video Customer Service, you may take any incoming call as an opportunity to up-sell to your prospective and current customers by sharing and going through important product photos and information by sharing your agent’s computer screen with the customer.

Build Branding with Video
Impress your customers by allowing them to speak directly with your employees face-to-face over video and high definition audio right from your website without installing any software while your competitors still stuck at investing in expensive traditional toll-free hotline.

Build Loyalty
With eye contact and a smile, over a video call, your team can build up a direct relationship with your customers. This personal connection helps to build up customer loyalty.

Reduce Complaints
When it comes to a customer complaint, a video call usually helps to reduce a customer’s anger due to face-to-face contact, especially when they see a someone on the other side of the line smiling.

First Call Resolution
Through the use of video, you can quickly understand your customer’s needs, situation, and complaints. Therefore you can quickly react and resolve any issue on the first call and prevent the issue from escalating.

Reduce Total Cost of Ownership
Reduce traditional expensive per minute based toll free numbers by redirecting incoming customer sales and service calls to your web site. Video and audio calls coming into your contact center from your website are completely free.

API and Salesforce.com Integration
Our WebRTC Video Customer Service is fully integrated into Deltapath’s Video Contact Center solution. This allows seamless call distribution whether it is a live chat, audio call, or video call. An agent busy with chatting with a customer will not be distributed with an audio phone call. You will also benefit from our Salesforce.com integration with automatic screen popups at your agent’s computer.

About The Technology
WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communications) is the latest cutting edge communication technologies available as a standards-based and lightweight technology that is offered in browsers that support HTML5, namely, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Deltapath utilises WebRTC technology to enable video, voice, and desktop sharing right from the customer’s web browser. This eliminates the need to install additional software or plug-ins by your customer in order to perform a video or voice call.