Business SMS – Life At 160 Characters Per Message  

Think about text messaging for a moment. “The advance of technology is based on making it fit in so that you don’t really even notice it, so it’s part of everyday life,” Bill Gates said.

According to the telecom giant Ericsson and the research firm Radicati Group, smartphone and mobile phone units will reach about 14.25 billion worldwide in 2023. That exceeds the world population by 6.25 billion people. And that’s hundreds of billions of SMS messages every day.

Life At 160 Characters Per Message
Short Message Service (SMS) is the new postal system of our age – with the added power of reach without the need of a smartphone or additional apps. But, unlike traditional letter writing, when the sender had no limit to her word count, SMS is short by design. It aims to make life an update – not a Dear John Letter.

From brands to healthcare providers and from Amazon delivery updates to flight reservations, SMS is the warp and woof of the 21st century. And by all measures, people are open – and willing – to accept text messages as a way of life. In fact, they expect it.

May I?
SMS has a unique cultural protocol best described as “May I?”. It’s a permission-based arrangement. Customers permit businesses to interact with them via SMS. And when it comes to security, customers tacitly agree that companies can contact them without a complicated discussion about encryption. It couldn’t be simpler.

The Power of the Group – With Deltapath Business Texting – SMS
Group chats are popular, especially within applications like Apple iMessage, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. But they require the app and a smartphone, which presents a challenge for companies to communicate with customers and vendors.

Employees in companies that can’t chat with people outside their internal systems often text with their phones and personal numbers. That loses the brand image because an unknown caller ID suddenly sends messages. It also violates the employee’s privacy because it’s their number – not the company’s. Plus, company’s lose control and access to data when employees use their private numbers to communicate with others.

Deltapath Business Texting – SMS provides a business phone number to send and receive SMS with external parties. And it also offers group chats.

Break Through the Walls
Most businesses use enterprise IM to stay connected to their employees, especially in a dispersed workforce, in a one-to-one conversation or group chat.

But communication and collaboration outside company walls are equally important. Every business regularly communicates and collaborates with its partners, suppliers, customers, and prospects. It is an absolute requirement because more than one person is involved in decisions. The greater the participation, the greater the insight and outcomes. Deltapath makes it easier by providing SMS group chat capability outside the company.

Now there’s no need to schedule a formal meeting with codes and pins. It’s easy to collaborate, and nothing gets lost in email. Better still, everyone gets up to speed fast.

It’s all part of the Deltapath CCaaS suite, which includes internal collaboration tools, business enterprise messaging, sharing, photos, videos, and files.

Employees can send an SMS on their phones and from their desktop, synchronizing both. Additional features include integration to an external CRM, providing access to all chat conversations.


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