Deltapath Pursues Avaya Customers

Deltapath is making a push to win business from Avaya customers amid the latter’s bankruptcy filing and the company’s end-of-life announcements, according to Deltapath Founder and CEO David Liu.

Speaking to UC Today, Liu said that many organizations face decisions as Avaya’s Aura 8 offering approaches end of support later this year.

This is while speculation swirls regarding how the Avaya business will look in the future.

Deltapath sees an opportunity to expand Its customer base with Avaya’s customers who might be considering a switch to a new platform, Liu explained.

“UC platforms are mission-critical to enterprises and require continual maintenance, especially with security updates,” he said.

“IT managers still have options because Deltapath has solutions to keep enterprises running with Avaya deployments.” 

Deltapath’s proposition is that companies migrate from Aura 8 to its own platform. A key benefit here is that Deltapath will support all Avaya endpoints – minimizing expense for the organization. To help support a wide variety of existing architecture, customer has the option to choose from deploying their own virtual machines, spin up an instance in their favorite cloud provider such as Azure or AWS or even a dedicated server appliance.

The firm does something similar with other providers, such as Cisco, to help businesses retain as much value from their existing hardware investment as possible.

Avaya phone sets work natively on the Deltapath UC platform, significantly reducing the cost of migrating to a new platform. There also means there’s no need to retrain employees on a new system.

“The handsets are usually about half the cost of a UC deployment,” Liu explained. “With Deltapath, it’s a seamless migration, and that’s a significant cost saving. 

What Deltapath Has to Offer
The Deltapath product portfolio offers a migration path for Avaya customers and channel partners.

Deltapath UC platform provides a simple all-in-one solution on Windows or Mac. It offers voice-to- video, Interactive Voice Response (IVR), audio conference bridge, alarm notifications, and CRM and CTI integrations. It helps to improve teamwork, productivity, customer service and experience, and communication and collaboration.

With Deltapath Mobile, employees can work anywhere at any time on Android and iOS. They can make and receive calls, communicate instantly with others over push-to-talk, chat with their colleagues, and send SMS to customers and partners.

Deltapath Engage is a softphone solution that mirrors the mobile experience on the desktop. In addition to what you find on the mobile, the desktop version integrates with and Microsoft Teams to click to dial, transfer, hold and conference from these apps.


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