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A New Paradigm in Participation

Today’s highest revenue-generating broadcasting media focus heavily on audience participation; primarily through telephone-, text- and Internet- voting or quiz-type mechanisms. These existing media demonstrate that there is a strong willingness for consumers to both pay for and engage with the broadcasting medium. Nevertheless, participation in the main is still restricted to simple phone-centred structures.

Deltapath® EngageTainment Broadcasting Solutions provide an ‘Engaged Entertainment’ communications platform for small-medium sized profit and non-profit organizations to broadcast media content (in form of visual, audio or text) and actively interact with their audiences. The solutions aim at providing more opportunities for Hong Kong citizens to voice their opinions, learn about the living environment around them, and stay-connected to the local society. This vision is in-line with the HKSAR guiding principles that encourage Hong Kong citizens to achieve ‘self-learning’ and ‘lifetime learning’.

Deltapath® EngageTainment solution is a utility invention typically designed for the television broadcasting industry and/or radio broadcasting industry that utilizes unified communications technology for enterprises to reach out to the general public in the society.

Deltapath® has a clear vision on advocating unified communications technology to the public’s benefits. With the believe that technology should be developed to improve people’s lives, Deltapath® EngageTainment focuses on making communications and interactions among people easier, and allowing more efficient relaying of messages and information exchange. In the society, full-time housewives / house-husbands, or retired seniors who live alone are certain groups of the population that has less connection to the society; their daily lives are likely to be less colourful. Deltapath® EngageTainment targets to change that.


Deltapath® EngageTainment comprises of the following seven modules: